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Own, add on to or buy an Accounting/Bookkeeping & Tax Practice?


Whether you want to start or add additional clients to your Accounting/Bookkeeping Practice, we can help. Since August 3rd, 1987 we have been selling monthly, quarterly and yearly bookkeeping & tax clients to CPA’s, Accountants & Bookkeepers. Whether you want one client or one hundred clients, we have the experience and the staff to provide you with whatever size practice you want.


A typical monthly client signs up on our service by signing an “Agreement for Accounting and Tax” to have their monthly Financial Statements prepared along with their Sales Tax Report, Payroll Tax Returns and their TWC reports as well as Tax Advice. The average fee is between $150-$250 per month for these services and an additional $575-$1925 to have their Tax Returns prepared at the end of the year. The average client pays the Accountant/Bookkeeper about $4,000 per year for the services. If you are wanting an average size Accounting/Bookkeeping Practice that generates about $150,000 in Annual Gross Billings, this will give you about 35-40 clients which on the average takes about 70-80 hours a month to process and spend time with the client.


We can sell you one client or one hundred clients. We have no minimum or maximum purchase requirements. You can add a few clients on to your existing Practice or start from scratch and let us build you up a Practice to whatever size you want.


We can start you out with a few clients and training in order for you to be able to add on more clients. It doesn’t matter if you do not know how to do the work. We will set you up with one of our Accountants on our Mentor Program so that you will have someone helping you and training you all along the way.


Please call me or email me (see above) so that we can discuss your specific needs.


Ken S. Hoffman


1040 Review, Inc.


At the present time we have three Accounting/Bookkeeping Practices for sale. Please contact me so I can go over the specific details with you for each practice.


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